Tuesday, August 27, 2013

4 barks and woofs on “Random Thought

    • The problem is that Miley Cyrus the Disney product is very different from Miley Cyrus the performer. In person, she’s approachable, intelligent, vivacious and interesting. It’s Disney’s (omnipresent) packaging which is so repellent.

  1. I think you should care about Miley, but only to the extent that she (and others like Britney Spears, Katie Perry, LiLo, etc) are “showing” young girls that the road to success starts with dressing and acting like a slut, and playing up to pedophiles. Cyrus’ performance was a sop to the kiddy-diddlers, pure and simple.

    Just my opinion, of course, and maybe I’m just one of those pervs who prefers his women old enough to buy a beer without a fake ID.

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