Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sentence First, Verdict After

I don’t hold any particular banner for PFC Bradley Manning.  I just think it’s a little ironic that the people who committed the crimes he leaked about are enjoying their government pension and making money on books and speaking tours while he goes to jail.

I think by the time he’s served his sentence, we will have come to the conclusion that the wars and activities he exposed were a lot worse than the crimes he was convicted of.

4 barks and woofs on “Sentence First, Verdict After

  1. I’m far less POd that a leaker of state secrets about war crimes and other illegality got a stiff sentence than I am that the actors in the war crimes and other illegality the leaker exposed aren’t even indicted yet.

  2. And now he’s saying he is transgender. Watch the RWs have fun with this bit of news. Bottom line: I think he did the right thing and agree with boatboy.

    • RE: transgender – one wonders how much pressure Wikileaks applied pre-no-more-DADT to get the material Manning handed them: “Tell us what you know or we’ll go to your superiors with proof that you’re non-hetero…” That is how a bunch of British intel folks got roped into a Cold War spy scheme (and busted by Thatcher’s MoD). Not that the data released hasn’t had value in investigating the US security state, but Assange almost certainly isn’t squeaky-clean either.

  3. I’m still waiting for Henry Kissinger to get hauled into the international court for the war crimes he ordered committed. He’s a helluva lot guiltier than Chelsea Manning, poor child.

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