Monday, August 26, 2013

Sick People

News flash: snake oil doesn’t prevent measles.

A measles outbreak in Texas traces to a congregation of a megachurch whose leader, Kenneth Copeland, reportedly has warned followers away from vaccines, advocating for faith healing and pushing the debunked notion that vaccines cause autism. One of Copeland’s churches, Eagle Mountain International Church in North Texas, is the epicenter of the outbreak, which now has hit at least 20 people.

The place ought to be shut down as a public health hazard and the preachers should be arrested for public endangerment.

Of course, that pretty much describes most megachurches.

5 barks and woofs on “Sick People

  1. I had Measles as a child. It is no joke. This is simply irresponsible. There is no sense in letting people suffer when it can be helped.

  2. Quelle surprise. Another Xtian whackjob making the Quiverfull movement look good simply because you need to procreate that much just to ensure offspring that grow to maturity. If these people really don’t want Teh Science as much as they insist, can we confiscate their TV cameras, Internet connections and smartphones as Tools of Satan? No? Thought not.

  3. Not providing proper medical care, including vaccination, of kids is child abuse, plain and simple.

    I had measles and the German measles as a child. A neighbor boy was raising hamsters that I loved to play with. Nobody warned us about German measles wiping out a cage of hamsters! I still feel bad about that.

  4. I had the 3 day measles 3 times in 9 months. Boy sitting around with sunglasses on was just bad. I had them the first week of summer vacation and the first week back in school in Sept. Having to stay close to my mother, while she whined about me being sick was just depressing.

  5. I wouldn’t be caught dead attending most megachurches, but I have to quibble with Bobby on his last comment. Most megachurch pastors are not urging their followers not to get vaccinated. Kenneth Copeland is an especially nutty member of the species. He’s also been a well-known proponent of the “Prosperity Gospel” for decades.

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