Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sister Act

Via TPM:

Republican Senate Wyoming candidate Liz Cheney released a statement Friday saying she does not support same-sex marriage, even though Cheney’s sister is married to her longtime partner.

“I am strongly pro-life and I am not pro-gay marriage,” Cheney said in the statement according to CNN. “I believe the issue of marriage must be decided by the states, and by the people in the states, not by judges and not even by legislators, but by the people themselves.”

Cheney’s campaign said the statement on Friday is in response to a “push poll” of Wyoming voters asking whether they are aware that she “supports abortion and aggressively promotes gay marriage.”

Cheney is running in the 2014 Republican primary for Sen. Mike Enzi’s seat. Cheney’s sister, Mary, is married to Heather Poe, Mary’s longtime partner. Mary Cheney first publicly announced her sexuality in 2000, when Dick Cheney was then-Gov. George W. Bush’s nominee for vice president.

That must make for some interesting family dinners.

Dick Cheney is pro-marriage equality but didn’t say so when he was in office because he didn’t want to hurt the chances of Bush’s re-election.  Priorities, you know.

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