Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Garden

From my visit back in May, the flowering crab in my parents’ back yard.


And here’s what’s growing in Mom and Dad’s yard this summer:




That’s to get the conversation started: what have you got going on in your yard?

3 barks and woofs on “Sunday Garden

  1. Weeds. One of the few…prehaps the only…advantage to the drought of the last couple of years was a lack of weeds, but several inches of rain in the last couple of weeks and they’re making up for lost time.

  2. Weeds here too. However, the squash, beans, tomatoes, and cukes are coming along nicely. Had a good crop of raspberries too, except the birds got a big share of them!

  3. I have some good flowers this year. I planted some caldium bulbs, and although they don’t really have flowers, the leaves are so pretty.

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