Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today’s Irony

Via Huffington Post:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), a longstanding Obamacare critic, is negotiating a $100 million health care deal with the Obama administration, Politico reported on Tuesday.

The Community First Choice Program, aimed at improving the quality of health services for the elderly and disabled, was approved by the Texas legislature earlier this year. Perry health aides are now looking to the Obama administration for funding.

Perry has been a strident Obamacare critic from the beginning, but his spokesman explained that the funding pitch is about aiding people with disabilities, independent of a health insurance mandate.

Shorter version: “I hate and despise you and hope you die tomorrow, but before you go….”

2 barks and woofs on “Today’s Irony

  1. 1) They like every single thing about the PPACA except for the uppity IslamoFascoSoshulist Kenya ni-CLANG who authored it… wait, what? Oh… and that’s where they run into trouble. It’s how they could buy Caddies and Hummers (cuz they’re Made in Ahmurrrca) while railing against Teh Yoonyuns.

    2) Notice how even the Texan Teahadists start showing glimmers of responsible governance the moment they decide they’re done with the office and not seeking reelection – but staying in the office to finish things up, because resigning in search of better opportunities is so – um, Palinesque.

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