Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Stratford

Welcome to Stratford, Ontario, home of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

14. Festival Theatre

The Festival Theatre

We are seeing Waiting for Godot, Blithe Spirit, Fiddler on the Roof, Measure for Measure, and Mary Stuart.

I have never seen a full production of Godot; this one has Brian Dennehy in it, so I can’t wait.  I’ve never seen Blithe Spirit, but I saw the musical version of it in 1964.  It was called High Spirits, and it was by Noel Coward as well.  Fiddler on the Roof?  Oy, been in it… forty plus years ago at the University of Miami Ring Theatre.  I played the Russian priest… what else?  And I have never seen Measure for Measure or Mary Stuart.

Tonight there’s no theatre; the shows are dark on Mondays.  So we’re trying a new place for dinner.  Always an adventure.  (Oh, and for you Stratford veterans, the Golden Bamboo building on Ontario Street is still shuttered, still for sale.  It must be at least twenty years and counting.)

The trip was smooth and easy.  We bypassed the Ambassador Bridge and all the traffic in Windsor — and besides, the man that owns the bridge is a jerk (yes, the Ambassador Bridge is private property).  We went to Port Huron and crossed the Blue Water Bridge.  I clocked it: it took us five minutes from the time we arrived at the line for Customs to get through.  The only distraction was some detours for road work on the back roads of southwestern Ontario, and they were pleasant diversions.

So here we are.  I’ll have some reviews and photos of the visit as we stroll along.