Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to Reality

As you leave Key Largo, the sign on US 1 says “Leaving Key Largo — Back to Reality.”  Very true.

Key Largo back to reality

I’m catching up on the news from the Navy Yard: yet another mass shooting on a military base.  Details are still coming in, but there are a number of fatalities and injuries.

Also, the United Nations is confirming that chemical weapons were used in Syria against civilians, but they’re stopping short of assigning blame.

It rained the entire time that I was in Key Largo, including some really heavy thunderstorms this morning, putting the kibosh on any plans to sit on the beach and gaze out at the ocean.  But I had a good time with my friends who made me a birthday luncheon and plied me with chocolate.  So despite the horrific news from the outside world, the day was not a total loss, and I’m grateful for the expressions of love and friendship from my friends and extended family.

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