Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Breaking: Pundits Wrong

President Obama may not have handled the Syria crisis deftly, but according to polls, the public pretty much support the proposed deal to rid Syria of chemical weapons.  The fact that he started out wanting to launch a military strike, then changed his mind when the possibility of a diplomatic solution arose shows — in the minds of the electorate — that he’s capable of reassessing the situation as it changes and adapt his policy.

But according to Greg Sargent, the punditocracy inside the Beltway sees that as weak, disorganized, and vacillating, proving once again that most pundits are full of crap.  What a shock.

One bark on “Breaking: Pundits Wrong

  1. One of the characteristics of intelligence is the ability to assess new information and change one’s approach accordingly. It is also a feature of psychologically healthy people. Just sayin’…

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