Friday, September 6, 2013

Cutting Class

Via TPM:

A professor at Michigan State University has been relieved of his teaching duties after making anti-Republican comments in front of a college class, the Detroit News reported Thursday.

Writing professor William Penn said in videotaped remarks posted by CampusReform, an organization geared toward young conservative students, that Republicans “don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could.” In a nod to his students, he added that GOP supporters don’t want to pay for college students’ tuition.


“The dean of the College of Arts and Letters and a representative from the provost’s office met with Penn, who acknowledged that some of his comments were inappropriate, disrespectful and offensive and may have negatively affected the learning environment,” the university said in a statement, as quoted by the Detroit News.

MSU spokesman Jason Cody told the newspaper that Penn will remain employed with the university, although his classes have been reassigned for at least the remainder of the fall semester.

Okay, let’s start the countdown clock for all those freedom-loving Constitution-quoting Tea Partiers and the folks at Fox News to jump to Professor Penn’s defense and scream about how he’s being muzzled by the state for daring to express his opinions in front of college students who are certainly old enough to make up their own minds and perhaps even challenge him on his views.  How dare they try to strip him of his First Amendment rights.

Oh wait, he was ranting against conservatives?  Never mind.  Fire his ass.  Pointy-headed liberals have no right to voice their opinions.

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  1. My best friend from school, whom I will call this day, his son is the Dean of English at MSU. That boy was reading encyclopedias at 3.

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