Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hordes Of People Rally For Benghazi

If by “hordes” you mean practically nobody who showed up at the Capitol yesterday to demand the truth about the attack a year ago.

The “Justice for Benghazi” rally was meant to be a joint effort between the Patriots4America and Special Operations Speak — two groups that have for months now been hammering establishment Republicans for what they see as not enough action to unveil what really happened in Benghazi, Libya last year. Special Operations Speak was behind a series of ads and petitions demanding that Speaker of the House John Boehner appoint a special committee to investigate the Obama administration cover-up of the attack and the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. According to organizers, as many as 5,000 people were expected to show up on the Hill and make their voices heard.

At the 12:30 PM start time for the rally, though, there wasn’t very much rallying going on. Instead, there were only a handful of people gathered near the open lawn that was meant to be barely containing thousands of supporters. Many of them were hiding from the ninety-five degree weather in the shade, jostling to have their picture taken with former Rep. Alan West (R-FL) who was there for an earlier event. Several of those milling about lamented that technical difficulties had prevented the organizers from setting up their audio equipment until the time when the protest was supposed to begin.

Hey, let’s go see if they have Amelia Earhart’s lunchbox over at the Smithsonian.