Friday, September 13, 2013

Role Model

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has struck another blow for Republican outreach to minorities and independents by telling us who inspired him to get into politics.

“I’ll tell you something … the very first political contribution I ever made in my life was to Jesse Helms. When I was a kid, I sent $10 to Jesse Helms, ’cause they were beating up on him, they were coming after him hard and I thought it wasn’t right, and at the time my allowance was 50 cents a week,” the Texas Republican said. “I am willing to venture a guess that I may have been Jesse Helms’ single largest donor as a percentage of annual income.”


We need a hundred more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate.”

For those of you who don’t remember who Jesse Helms was, let me remind you.  He was a senator from North Carolina, a virulent racist and segregationist, homophobe and defender of white supremacists.  He was Strom Thurmond without the charm.  Having 100 of him in the Senate would make it look like a Klan rally.

The irony is that if Mr. Helms was alive today and met Ted Cruz, he’d probably call him a racial epithet referring to his Hispanic heritage.

One bark on “Role Model

  1. Having 100 of him in the Senate would make it a Klan rally.


    It says something when the leading Teahadists publicly venerate one of the most hateful bigots to sit in Congress.

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