Friday, September 6, 2013

9 barks and woofs on “Say What?

  1. Surprisingly I did well the first time. The only word I did not know how to pronounce was ague. On checking the dictionary after I pronounced it well. I guess my English was better than I thought although I still have problems with “porpoise”.

  2. Piece of cake for a word lover and avid reader. I assume that, by English, the author means American, not British, pronunciation??

  3. Isn’t the King’s English amazing? It’s because it’s such a potpourri of languages imposed on it by the Vikings (they also infected Turkey, adventurous fellows), the Frankish invaders, the Irish, Scots and Scandinavian close neighbors and the all the Indo-European, germanic and latin influences from the Continent. That’s why reading the dictionary for roots is an entertainment. Too bad Latin is no longer taught. It helps with the pronunciation.

    BTW: I aced the test.

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