Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seasons Change…

Traditionally — and when I say that I mean “back when I was a kid” — the Tuesday after Labor Day was the first day of school.  Now it’s the first day back after the first holiday of the school year, which started two weeks ago.

Based on what the folks on TV would have you believe, though, it’s the first real working day after the summer vacation that began the Friday before Memorial Day and it’s been all beaches and roadtrips and hot dogs and sunscreen ever since.  Now they’re all gearing up for cold weather and winter, and I’ll bet that when I get home tonight there will be a Christmas catalog from Harry & David in the mail.

Here in South Florida, the only difference between before Labor Day and after is that we note with trepidation the approach of peak you-know-what season next week.  Fortunately we’ve made it through the summer without any cyclonic disturbances coming ashore, and it’s been eight years since we’ve had a good — meaning bad — hit.  But there are still three months left in the season, so even when autumn arrives in three weeks and the season switches over from wet to dry in the middle of October, we’re still checking out the weather sites and wondering if Invest 98L is going to get a name and a place.

So for those of you in places where the seasons change radically, where the frost is already making an early appearance, where the aspens are already turning and the nights are getting longer, enjoy the inexorable change.  For me, I’m glad to see the late hibiscus bloom.

2 barks and woofs on “Seasons Change…

  1. Well, the low last night was 46º and at 7 a.m., the school bus picked up the kids waiting on the corner. Yup, summer is over.

  2. Two seasons here in Arizona – the Snowbirds are coming, and the Snowbirds are here. Main differences is traffic and seating availability at restaurants. Oh yeah, when the Snowbirds are here, the high temperature doesn’t tend to hit 115 – maybe they bring the cooler air with ’em…

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