Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tigers Win Division Again

Way to go, team!

DetroitTigersMINNEAPOLIS — Max Scherzer said he was going to treat the chance to clinch another American League Central title like a World Series start. He ended up putting an exclamation point on his career season.

Scherzer spent half the season calling his wins and losses fluky. Then he spent the second half calling his victories a team accomplishment. The 1-0 win he delivered with seven shutout innings Wednesday night against the Twins at Target Field was a lot about him, no matter how much he tried to deflect the attention.

“Tonight he showed why he’s the Cy Young winner,” manager Jim Leyland said. “I don’t vote, but if that doesn’t get him over the hump, I don’t know what does.”

Can’t wait to see them Saturday night.

2 barks and woofs on “Tigers Win Division Again

  1. I watched them on Tuesday night. I got discount tickets through work. First time I watched a game in Target Field. Way cool. It actually was a good game. The Twins had some moments where it looked like they’d repeat Monday night’s comeback, but left runners stranded instead. And I have to admit, the throw to home plate early in the game to prevent a score was cool. But in the end the stronger team won.
    One very enjoyable moment was when they decided to throw to Hunter’s outside and struck him out with the same pitch twice in a row.

  2. The pitching coach – whose name I’m ashamed to admit I’ve forgotten – should share some of this praise. Max scared us silly in the first and second innings when he couldn’t find the plate. Those walks he gave up all came then. Slowly the coach emerged from the dugout, wandered over to the mound, had a quiet talk with Scherzer and Alex Avila, the catcher and after that there were nothing but blistering fast balls and weird change-ups that retired the Twins one after the other. Whew!

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