Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome Back, Jon Stewart

He’s back and catching up on his e-mail.

After pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of the United States making an issue of another country using chemical weapons, Stewart showed several clips of pundits and Sen. Ted Cruz saying we’re going to look weak, and “that bullies and tyrants don’t respect weakness,” Stewart responded:

STEWART: Oh right! We have to bomb Syria because we’re in seventh grade! And the red line… the red line that they crossed is actually a dick-measuring ribbon.

Why does holding back look like weakness? Isn’t it maturity? It’s like when a guy’s picking on Clark Kent and he doesn’t do anything, even though he knows he could throw that guy into the sun.

I’ll tell you what would be real weakness, Clark Kent laying waste to a town because someone called him a pussy.

You know what else is weakness? Asking the advice of a plague of idiots who got the same issue completely wrong in Iraq — or as those people are known on cable… experts.

Video at the link.

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  1. Sorry but I thought this Stewart performance was one of the weakest ever, maybe because it’s a subject that is inherently not funny.

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