Saturday, September 28, 2013

Who’s In Charge

John Boehner may nominally be the Speaker of the House, but he’s not running it.

On a Thursday conference call, a group of House conservatives consulted with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas about how to respond to the leadership’s fiscal strategy. Sources who were on the call say Cruz strongly advised them to oppose it, and hours later, Speaker John Boehner’s plan fizzled.

It’s the latest example of Cruz leading the House’s right flank.


Later Thursday, Cruz met again with House conservatives at a venue near the Capitol. According to one House member, the bicameral bloc talked deep into the night about the CR and pressuring Boehner. At the top of the agenda: making a one-year delay of Obamacare a requirement for government funding, and to accept nothing less, should the defunding effort unravel. They fear Boehner is resistant to making that an ultimatum, and they discussed ways to force his hand.

Leadership sources, for their part, are startled by Cruz’s attempt to shape House strategy and work against the speaker. They knew he’d oppose Boehner’s playbook, but they didn’t expect him to huddle with conservatives and ask them to ignore it. So, Cruz’s meetings have made him a key House player, but they’ve worsened his already-fraught relationship with the leadership.

Remember when the Republicans were all upset because President Obama was trying to get the Senate and the House to vote for his bills and they accused him of meddling with the rules and trying to ram things down their throat?  Yeah, those were the days.


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  1. These guys may really let the government shut down! They lead us to the cliff over and over again with the made up crisis of the week. Our government does not function because of these bullies. Sad.

  2. Cruz is running for Boehner’s job before he runs for Obama’s. . . . or whoever the Democrats put up in 2016. Scary? Springtime for Hitler.

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