Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cool Breeze

It’s the time of year here in South Florida where the heat and humidity drop down to tolerable levels: the Dry Season is coming in.  The patio door is open and the gentle breeze is scented with blooming hibiscus.

001 Hibiscus Tree 12-13-08

That means you can go outside and take a walk to the end of the front walk without breaking a sweat.  As we always say, it’s not the heat — it never gets over 98F — it’s the humidity.  Right now it’s 88F with 49% humidity.  Still a little high, but nothing compared to the middle of August when it seemed like the temperature and the humidity were both in the 90’s.

This will last until the middle of May.  It’s one of the reasons I like living here, and why a lot of other people from other places where it gets cold like to visit — and spend money.  Let me know if you’re one of them.