Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7 barks and woofs on “Just Wondering

  1. Right. Why even waste the flying rat’s ass over what she has to say? I could honestly come up with a lot of things to use a flying rat’s ass over. Such as picking the lint out between my toes. Or watch paint dry. Hummm, let me spend some time thinking of other cliches that would be more enjoyable than knowing the quitter has another book coming out.

  2. She makes me ill. It’s like the chalkboard screech; just makes me cringe. I wish she would do her rendition of Douglas Mac Arthur and just fade away.

  3. I think the media is forcing her down our throats. With all the intelligent people who can contribute solid arguments to the discusion, we get her. If they stop covering her and her minions they would all go away.

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