Thursday, October 17, 2013

Less Than Nothing

Molly Ball at The Atlantic sums up the final score of the last two weeks and finds that the Republicans actually lost ground.

wile-e-coyote cliff 12-20-12

Let’s review: Had the House passed the “clean” continuing resolution it was offered on September 30, the government would have remained open only until November 15, at the reduced funding levels determined by the “sequestration” cuts imposed by the 2011 debt-limit deal. Republicans still would have had the debt-ceiling deadline Thursday, plus another budget fight on the horizon a month later, as perceived points of leverage. (Democrats insist this leverage is illusory as the White House would refuse to negotiate, but to Republicans, that’s what these deadlines are: valuable bargaining chips.)

Instead, the House is poised to pass a measure that funds the government through January 15 and lifts the debt ceiling until February 7—taking the heat off Congress for months and eliminating three pressure points (the September 30 funding expiration, the October 17 debt-ceiling target, and the hypothetical November 15 funding expiration) in one go. The proposed deal negotiated by Senate leaders also would force the two houses to convene a budget committee, something Democrats have been demanding since the Senate passed a budget in March—and conservative Republicans have repeatedly blocked, for fear that any compromise negotiated between the two houses would mean selling out their principles.

The “concession” extracted by the GOP in the deal, the sole change to the health-care law, is purely cosmetic: a reinstatement of the requirement that people seeking subsidies under the Affordable Care Act furnish proof that they qualify. That requirement was in the original law, but the administration delayed it when implementation hit snags in July.

Obamacare will not be repealed. Obamacare will not be defunded. Obamacare will not be delayed. The individual mandate will not be delayed. The medical-device tax will not be repealed. The health-insurance subsidies given to members of Congress and their staffs will not be taken away.

Democrats will get the government funded at levels they (grudgingly) sought in the first place, for longer than they originally sought, and without the looming threat of default.

So what did Republicans get for shutting down the government for 17 days? Their poll numbers tanked. Their gubernatorial candidate in Virginia appears headed for defeat in next month’s election. The business community is rethinking its support. Veterans and the elderly are ticked off. And any leverage they ever had to push their goals of reducing the size of government and chipping away at health-care reform is gone.

Not only that, it was revealed to the world what a colossal dick Ted Cruz is, something we might not have found out to such a degree if he was just another right-wing senator like Jeff Sessions or John Cornyn.  The DNC and anyone else planning on running for office in opposition to the GOP now has hours of video of Republicans saying things ranging from the mildly stupid to the breathtakingly WTF, Confederate flags and all.

The Tea Party threatened any Republican who caved on the deal with a primary challenge, which means they plan on recruiting even more garbage to run against the garbage they already have, making it very possible for Democrats to capitalize on the whack factor in 2014.  A year in politics is several geological ages in real life — the battle over sending troops to Syria was less than two months ago and yet it’s ancient history — and we know the voters have the long-term memory of a fruit fly.  But a clip of Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham and played next to a grainy photo of the next rising star from your district could go a long way to getting Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.

9 barks and woofs on “Less Than Nothing

  1. This has been ridiculous. It is a manufactured crisis brought on by folks who seemingly want to destroy the country. Now we have to go through it again in January. Ugh!

  2. This f**k-up has also cost billions of dollars. Aren’t RWs supposed to be fiscal conservatives? And what about the debt they’re always screaming about? Hasn’t this added to it?

    • Proof positive they’re willing to go broke just to keep from going broke.

      Unionized workers striking for better working conditions (to make a better product and keep employees motivated/healthy/happy, and causing a business to lose enough revenue to take notice but )? Bad. Public sector shutting down over a petty tantrum (to keep citizens from becoming wealthier/healthier/happier, and keep business in the business of scr#wing the public, and losing the nation tens of billions)? Good. That’s really all we need to know about how the modern GOTea thinks.

  3. But folks, this is wonderful. Finally, finally, BHO and Harry grew a spine, stood up to these douche bags, held their ground and it worked. I’m happier now than I have been since Jan 20, 2009.

  4. Cruz doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about anything but his own ambition to be the GOP nominee in 2016. It’s laughable, but that’s the way it is. He fancies himself as presidential material and one way to get to the goal is to be FAMOUS. Note how he hogged the mics last night while McConnell was addressing the press down the hall. No wonder he was despised at every college he attended. He’s the consummate jerk…

    • There’ve been a couple interesting articles on how Cruz, while being WAY out of tune with “The American People”, is perfectly aligned with the Texas GOTea. His positions, his grandstanding, and his petty tantrums are all part of what that segment of the populace seem to want and expect. So while he’s a natiional embarrassment as a US Senator, apparently he’s Texas’ pride and joy. Shrub is so much more comprehensible now we see what another from this generation of Texan public officials is like.

  5. All of the above is one more reason I’m ecstatic right now. The GOP is going hard right, they are going to nominate a buffoon, and we will waltz into 2016. In fact, I’m going to buy stock in Orville Redenbacher right now, because the popcorn will be tasty watching the primaries and the self-immolation of the Grand Old Party.

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