Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obama to Boehner: I Call

House Speaker John Boehner wants President Obama to call him to discuss the shutdown.

Mr. Obama obliged, but not with the kind of call that Mr. Boehner was expecting.

President Barack Obama again pressured House Republicans to put a “clean” government spending bill up for a vote Monday, challenging House Speaker John Boehner’s claim that the funding bill lacks sufficient support to pass.

“My very strong suspicion is there are enough votes there” to pass the government funding legislation, he said during an unannounced stop at FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington, D.C.

“Hold a vote. Call a vote right now. Let’s see what happens.”

I would not want to play poker with Barack Obama.  But I would love to watch.

Royal flush 10-07-13

Meanwhile, the Democrats in the Senate are also calling out the GOP on passing the debt limit.

Senator John Cornyn is claiming no clean debt limit hike can pass the Senate, but Dems believe there may be at least half a dozen GOP Senators who would be willing to support one. A vote would put that to the test.

The move might also increase pressure on House Republicans. Kevin Smith, a spokesman for John Boehner, tweeted today: “POTUS & his advisers keep calling for a clean debt hike.  So when will his party in the Senate pass one?”

This prompted a response from Harry Reid aide Faiz Shakir: “Will you if we do?”

Now it looks like Senate Dems will do it….

First time on this riverboat, Mr. Ravenal?

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