Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ohio Expands Medicaid

From the Toledo Blade:

A little known budgetary panel today voted 5-2 to accept $2.56 billion in federal funds to pay for the controversial expansion of the federal-state health insurance of last resort.

Two Republicans joined the panel’s two Democrats and Gov. John Kasich’s appointed chairman to do what the 132-member General assembly would not — expand eligibility for Medicaid to some 275,000 additional Ohioans.

This is will draw a lot of fire from the Tea Party because Socialism!  But Gov. Kasich, who railed against Obamacare and all its commie-pinko evils, knows there’s an election coming up in a year when he will be wanting to court the vote of the people who need Medicaid.  Even in Ohio every vote counts… for a Republican, at least.  He also knows that if he didn’t take the money, poor people would still need to get healthcare somehow, and this will make sure that the hospitals get paid for treating those who can’t pay for it.

It’s not about caring for poor people so much as keeping the donor base — i.e. insurance companies and healthcare providers — happy, too.