Wednesday, October 2, 2013

7 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. Well, might not be popular to say this, but I work for a federal contractor, and we’re receiving lots of stop work orders. I get paid only for the hours I actually work, so I’m looking at some short paychecks.

  2. Not yet. I don’t know if it is affecting my girls in Ohio. Things may start to fall apart if this goes on for a month.

  3. Duncan is a federal employee, so she has been home. It is weird for me (I work at home, now), weirder for her. She has no idea what to do with herself, and is quite unsure of what the future brings.

    Oh, yeah: she’s not getting paid, either. That stinks.

  4. It affects me only in that it makes me smirk at the stupidity of the minority who dominate the GOP and poor old John B. while I smile at the thought that 2014 elections are not far off and cheer Obama for sitting back and watching it all unroll. Heh heh . . .

  5. No effect here….yet. If my Soc. Sec. isn’t deposited tomorrow, you’ll hear a nuclear blast level scream though.

  6. Emphatically YES. It’s holding up my submitting an application for Medicare. Payments are considered essential and are at least theoretically going through; other “inessentials” like applications are in the inbox for who-knows-how long.

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