Thursday, October 10, 2013

Question of the Day

Apropos of the time:

If you were President, what would you tell the Republicans?


9 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. “Grow up, and start acting like responsible adults, instead of spoiled children.” But they might be offended by that, so I’ll have to go with “Bwahahaha!” also.

  2. I think our present President is doing a fine job. Couldn’t improve on his approach. But in my present, un-Presidential state, I can say to them “you all need therapy…..empathy therapy” You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.

  3. “You complained about all the homebuyers who got in trouble wheen the real estate market crashed, saying they bought more house than they could afford; well, did it ever occur to you during the salad days of 2001-08 that you bought too much House?”

  4. Ok, you guys want to use extortion as a bargaining tactic. Well, I’ve asked the NSA, IRS, FEC, and FBI to compile dossiers on all of you. The information will be made public. If that doesn’t make you shape up, there’s a desert island that needs inhabitants.

  5. There is nothing nice or printable that you can say to these bunch of cretins. Maybe, shape up or you will be charged with criminal conspiracy, sedition, etc., etc. And then do it.

  6. All of the above are such great comments. I would not be so diplomatic; every time I deal with you guys you move the goal posts. I am done with you guys, so get stuffed!

  7. Yeah, I am pretty much to the point where nothing I could say wouldn’t scare dogs, children, and horses. I might consider WHERE to stuff THEM….but then I’d hate to ruin tourism sites like Mammoth Caves and Carlsbad.

  8. I like Julie’s idea but I have to tell you that I think a COMPULSORY semester of Civics for the R side of the House would accompany my comments. I must say that as dangerous as Yoho is, he is probably less a threat as a politician than as a veterinarian. It makes me shudder to think such a dullard ever treated livestock! Not my horse or cattle!

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