Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Question of the Day

The new TV season is upon us and already there are some casualties: ABC’s Lucky 7 turned out not to be, and CBS emasculated We Are Men after two episodes.

Have you found anything good to watch in the new TV season?

I’m giving the new Robin Williams sitcom The Crazy Ones a chance, and I’ve discovered The Black List with James Spader to be pretty intriguing.

4 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. I’m just not into any new shows. In fact, I just discovered the wonderful hilarity of “The Big Bang Theory” a few months ago. The last new show I got into was “Castle” and I’ve lost track of it because of the moving and new jobs.

  2. I watched the Sean Hayes sitcom last Friday and thought it was decent. I am looking forward to Dracula as I am a friend of Grim.

  3. TNT is a wonderful resource. For years we could watch “Law & Order” reruns back to back until we could virtually say the lines. Now we do the same with “Castle”. I love “Elementary”, but it’s in its second season so it doesn’t qualify as “new”. I’m waiting for “Major Crimes” to start up again in a few weeks and of course there’s the heated anticipation of “Downton Abbey” which should keep us occupied around the first of the year. But new sit-coms? Not so much.

  4. Castle seems lackluster this season, I tried “The Crazy Ones” but it didn’t grab me…it seemed all made of Williams mouthing words in amusing fashions while the blonde girl played distressed straight man.

    Gods help me, I’m reduced to watching cheesy “Sleepy Hollow” on Fox and throwing socks at the set every time they do something bigoted/historically bullshitish/stupid. My arm is getting stronger tho’!

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