Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Question of the Day

This is inspired by a running series at TPM.

Have you tried to buy health insurance on the Obamacare website?

I have not; I have insurance through my job.

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  1. No, but I am considering it. We own a very small business and used to offer health insurance to our two-three employees. None of them opted for insurance (covered by spouses) over the last several years, so we moved to an individual plan for our family about five years ago – an HSA w/ high deductible. The rates have skyrocketed since we began and so I hope we can find one that’s more affordable for us. We are in Virginia, so it’s only what the federal program offers.

  2. I have not, since I too have coverage through my job. But, my sister has been looking on the site, and is trying to decide if she can afford a silver plan. She has one of those “don’t get seriously sick” plans from the individual market right now, due to a pre-existing condition. Even bronze should be better than what she has now, but I haven’t gone on the site to see – don’t want to be a lookie-loo clogging the web portal when others who need coverage are trying to log in.

  3. No but I certainly approve of getting people younger than I or you into the market to spread the risk so I hope the online application process gets repaired soon. We are on Medicare which once was a similar bugaboo for conservatives (what hasn’t been?) and the supplemental came to us from my husband’s company as part of his retirement benefit. Those were the days! This never happens anymore.

  4. I have coverage through work but I tried it just out of curiosity, and strangely can get a good plan for less than I pay through work.

  5. I looked into it also (here in Maine, Fat-Ass Paul LePage has decided the poor and/or unemployed fall into the 47% of the electorate he doesn’t give a shit about, so the Federal market is our only option). Because the lovely yet talented Mrs618 and I fall below the Federal poverty level, we do not qualify for financial assistance in purchasing insurance (although a family making $34,000 a year can get subsidies bringing their cost down to $2.00 a month). The cheapest policy we could find — the catastrophic one, that pays virtually nothing, is $450 a month, roughly THREE times my current monthly income. Fortunately, we won’t have to pay the fine for not having insurance (big deal, we’d be dead before the bill arrived). And good old Fat-Ass Paul LePage, he of more chins than a Chinatown phone book, has cancelled the MaineCare program for the unemployed.

    Gotta love that compassionate conservatism from the Teatards, eh?

  6. I’m in recently regressive North Carolina and we, courtesy of our Republican State government, do not have a state website nor do we have the expanded Medicaid. With that said, my young nephew and I checked to see what might be available to him and found that Medicaid would be his only option. As he is not a pregnant woman or a child, he is not eligible for Medicaid in N.C.

    ? As N.C. is not participating in ACA we do not have competing insurance companies/plans on offer. Only Blue Cross-Blue Shield offers plans for N.C. residents and they are a bit on the expensive side.

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