Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 barks and woofs on “Server Crash

  1. I wonder how many times he can embarrass NBC without some sort of slap on the hand . . . like allowing him to show his face only in the mid-morning desert and never at White House pressers.

  2. I’m betting that the website already runs today on several dozen servers. Adding “another server” isn’t the issue. Most smart web developers today develop using techniques that allow the expansion based on volume to simply happen automatically.

    Volume issues that are not solved by throwing hardware at them are caused by the complexity of the logic — needing several moving parts to coordinate. That is the case here. The site needs information from the IRS, from credit reporting companies, from the INS, etc., etc.

    Getting all these things to coordinate is very complex. The site needs to call out to one (the IRS, for example) wait for a response, call out to the next (credit reporting), wait for a response, etc., etc. Very hard to do in a timely fashion.

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