Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sixteen Days Later

Me, this morning:

…unless there’s some Aaron Sorkin scriptwriting going on backstage, we are going to default.

I am glad to be wrong.

Oh, and this isn’t too shabby, either.

That, after all, was the whole point of this exercise in the first place, wasn’t it?  Defund, destroy, eradicate it?  Heh.

So, here we are, sixteen days and FSM knows how many breathless BREAKING NEWS banners and incredibly stupid and outlandish statements from the Tea Party and minions in the Orcosphere, and what have they got to show for it?  Nada, zip, zilch, and bupkis.  All this screeching — enough that six banshees got out of the business — and we’re basically right back where we started: Obamacare is still with us, the debt ceiling has been kicked down the road to Groundhog Day — how appropriate — and we are all sick and tired of Ted Cruz and his beetle-browed humorless scowl.

If the Democrats and the White House feel like gloating, why not?  They’ve earned it.  The only thing that will dampen it is that the GOP and the Tea Party don’t know how to cook crow, much less eat it.  Mature and rational people would take this kind of humiliation and learn from it, perhaps even do some introspection and think about where they went wrong.  Well, we all though they would do that after the ignominy of the loss in last year’s election.  They even said it was time to rethink and re-brand.  And we all know how long that lasted.

This time will be no different, and I am confident that in February 2014 we’ll be right back here for the winter classic.  That I am sure of.

What I’m most impressed with, though, is how President Obama was absolutely chill through the whole thing.  I know I used the clip from The Godfather Part II when this all started, but it’s good for another run.

And then there’s this:

Obama I got this

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  1. Our President has not been as progressive as I would have liked at times, but he is pretty darn cool. As I write this, the House may still not pass this bill. I pray that they do.

  2. The House passed it. We’re safe now (for awhile). Saw a headline on Google news about Asian markets heaving a sigh of relief. The RWs really didn’t understand that this would have an international effect. They want to destroy the US but they would also destroy most of the world.

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