Friday, October 18, 2013

3 barks and woofs on “Survival of the Twittest

  1. As I recall, these were the same people who were crowing about “Sore Loserman” and “we won, so get over it” and all the other crap with gee-dumbya.

    Not to mention I love how the Filipina anchor baby (emphasis on crybaby) just plain hates her some real live American-born, American CITIZEN Obama. Unlike herself and her compatriot, Rafael Eduardo Cruz, Canadian-born anchor baby (emphasis on crybaby) spawn of cigar-sucking Cuban emigrant, Castro supporter and Desi Arnaz wannabe Rafael Bienvenido Cruz. By the way, Rafael Eduardo announced he was going to renounce his Canadian (i.e., non-American citizenship), but hasn’t yet… apparently because he likes their universal health care system.

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