Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Expendables

There seems to be no limit to the shamelessness of the Republicans.  Via Dave Wiegel at Slate:

The heartbreaking predicament of the Honor Flights emerged yesterday as a flash point for anti-shutdown anger. Quickly, inevitably, the story of elderly World War II veterans taking trips to see their memorial in D.C. became a political cause for Republicans. (I spent the morning at the memorial, with a story coming later today.) On Tuesday, Park Police put up very little resistence when a Mississippi-heavy crew of Honor Flight vets showed up and Mississippi Rep. Steven Palazzo moved a flimsy fence to let them in. Later in the day, conservatives glommed on to reports that the Park Police—i.e., the Obama administration—would handcuff future veteran-tourists.


At the memorial, Park Police put up no resistence to the protesters, allowing congressmen and Honor Flight organizers to move a fence and then telling reporters that the whole affair was a First Amendment exercise. That didn’t stop a series of congressmen from hectoring Park Police and demanding answers, as if they were not, themselves, capable of ending the shutdown.

The spectacle of clowns like Michele Bachmann saying that it was the evil Obama administration that shut down the government is enough to make you want to throw things, and using World War II veterans as hostages is something that should land her and her followers in a cell at The Hague.

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  1. I don’t think hostages is the right word–I’d say the Republicans are using the vets as props. Either way it’s shameful.

  2. We are witnessing this back-and-forth here where a friend, a vet, insists the flight go forward. Of course our Republican rep, Rob Latta, says CERTAINLY they should go: “it’s Democratic intransigence that keeps the memorial shut”. But reason prevails with our Democratic representative Marcy Kaptur points out that they can go, they can get through the fence but there will be no toilet, no drinking fountain, no guide to explain what they are seeing, no brochures handed out. She suggests they call a rain-delay and schedule the trip for later in the year. These are 84+ year old guys and trudging through the memorial with no john open might not make it a happy experience.

  3. I guess I’m just especially cantankerous (sp?) tonight but…
    1. It is not a tragedy if these old people don’t get to wheel around the monument that was SO important that it didn’t get thought about or built until 90% of the soldiers who fought that war were dead. It is an inconvenience and that’s all it is.

    2. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of those old codgers have been voting Republican and agreeing with every word said by the party of malice.

    I come from generations of military people on both sides of my family but jeez marie puffing up the war memorial incident is just silly.

  4. You know this was a put-up job. Most of the vets knew what was going on, and the Republican members of Congress most certainly did. Using people (not just the vets but also the Park Service officials) as props is utterly outrageous… that is to say, using people as props is utterly Republican.

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