Friday, November 1, 2013

Back To Where?

Via HuffPo:

Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), told a tea party group in 2012 he thinks President Barack Obama should go “back to Kenya.”

Cruz can be seen making the comments in a video posted by YouTube user Michael Openshaw in Sept. 2012 and reported by Mother Jones Thursday. In the clip, Cruz calls America a “Christian Nation” and urges the tea party group to vote only for Republicans in the upcoming 2012 election.

Cruz has gotten more involved with conservative politics since his son was elected to the U.S. Senate. In April 2013, Cruz sat down with the Heritage Foundation to discuss Republican’s Latino outreach.

Cruz has also become more public about his thoughts on Obama. In a YouTube video posted in July 2013, Cruz can be seen repeatedly comparing Obama to Fidel Castro.

A couple of points to ponder.  First, every politician has at least one family member that proves to be an embarrassment, but in the case of Mr. Cruz the elder, he’s been an integral part of his son’s rise to power, not just someone riding along on the bus.  David Corn at Mother Jones has more on dear old dad’s role in the campaign.

Second, putting aside all the birther insanity, it may take a bit of perspective from living in Miami, but hearing a Cuban immigrant telling a natural-born U.S. citizen to “go back to Kenya” pegs the irony meter at 11.

5 barks and woofs on “Back To Where?

  1. Aren’t you Miamians familiar and up close with people like this? They’ve been a drag on Florida politics along with their redneck soul mates from the Panhandle for years. They’re the ones Fidel gave the boot to back in the ’60’s, Batista buddies. Like Frankenstein, this one rises again in Texas.

    • Texas eh? I live in Tx. and these nuts are everywhere, myself excluded. The Democrats get put in jail for bribery and the Republicans go to the nut house and through their budget cuts get turned away and back into politics. Go figure

      • heh heh. We lived in Houston and Dallas back in the ’50’s. There were no Democrats in the white end of either town then, same as now. I was a liberal so I voted for Ike rather than the first Robert A. Taft, Mr. Republican. Adlai didn’t even bother to mount much of a campaign or I wasn’t aware of that option. Plus ca change, le plus ca la meme chose.

  2. “…hearing a Cuban immigrant telling a natural-born U.S. citizen to “go back to Kenya” pegs the irony meter at 11.”

    Mmm hmm. That’s what I was thinking. 🙂

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