Monday, November 18, 2013

Cyber Attack On Obamacare Confirmed

I called it way back in October:

I wonder if there’s an army of GOP hackers just waiting to launch a DDOS attack on the site and shut it down via cyberterror.

And here’s the proof.

Yesterday [November 13], the House Homeland Security Committee published a video on their Youtube page highlighting a portion of the committee questioning Roberta Stempfley, acting assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cyber-security and Communications, who confirmed at least 16 attacks on the Affordable Care Act’s portal website in 2013.

Roberta Stempfley highlighted one successful attack that is designed to deny access to the website called a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack is designed to make a network unavailable to intended users, generally through a concerted effort to disrupt service such as repeatedly accessing the servers, saturating them with more traffic than the website is designed to handle.

Right wingers have been distributing the link to the necessary tools to perform the attacks on the website through social networking, as pointed out by Information Week, and other websites .

The name of the attack tool is called, “Destroy Obama Care!”

Yet again another time when I hate it when I’m right.

HT to CLW.