Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Stuff

The ever-gracious Mitch McConnell on the state of healthcare sign-ups in his home state of Kentucky:

Well, 85 percent of the people who’ve signed up in Kentucky have signed up for Medicaid. That’s free health care. If you want to give out free health care you’re going to have a lot of interest. Just like free anything else. There’ve also been, if you look at the statistics today, I believe I’m correct, about 270,000 cancellations of policies that people already had. So I know there’s been a great effort on the part of the administration and the governor of Kentucky to paint a pretty picture. The rollout is quite mixed — quite mixed — and largely people signing up for Medicaid. Free health care.

As anyone who has more than just a passing interest in the program knows, Medicaid isn’t “free.”  We all pay for it through payroll taxes, including, presumably, the people who are getting it if they have a job of some sort.

If Mr. McConnell had any kind of class, he would acknowledge that the system in his own state is working quite well and doing right for his own constituents, but no, he has to be a total dick about it.

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