Monday, November 18, 2013

Hot Air

From Think Progress:

Seventeen out of twenty-two Republican members of the committee, or 77 percent, are climate deniers. The members’ refusal to accept the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change dovetails with their open disregard for the EPA and the work it does.

So one of the biggest typhoons in recorded history hits the Philippines, portions of Miami Beach are under water, we have killer tornadoes hitting central Illinois in November, and the jury is still out?

2 barks and woofs on “Hot Air

  1. My neighbor is from Missouri and he told me he didn’t believe in global climate change. He is an arrogant Republican, trying to show his wealth by buying a new Mercedes. My reply to him was there is something going on. These guys all run in the same circle and repeat the same old stuff to each other.

  2. For these folks its either repeat in the Party Line or believe their lying eyes, and the Party is where the money is at, so no contest.

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