Saturday, November 30, 2013

Made It Through

The North Atlantic hurricane season ends today, and South Florida made it through without so much as a storm warning.

There’s been speculation as to why we didn’t get as much development this year; the named storms only made it up to the “M” before the season ended, whereas in the past we’ve gone through the alphabet and then some.  One report said it had to do with dust in the atmosphere from the Sahara Desert blowing over the Atlantic.  But other parts of the world did see a lot of activity, especially in the Pacific, including Mexico and the Philippines.  So this year we here in South Florida and the United States just lucked out.

The next season starts in June.

One bark on “Made It Through

  1. I was going to comment several days ago about how quiet the Gulf was this year but didn’t want to jinx it. Hope next season doesn’t make up for this year!

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