Monday, November 18, 2013

What Went Wrong And How To Fix It

Via digby. If you have about 25 minutes to spare, this is worth watching. has been a national news story for over a month now, but it’s often been distilled into 5 minute segments. It’s now the middle of November, and I’d like to go on a deep dive on, it’s history of development, what went wrong, and what we could do to stop things like from happening again.

There are those of us who work with the federal government on a daily basis and understand why the procurement and implementation process of working is, to be kind, cumbersome.  It’s not like going to Best Buy.

Spoiler alert: The narrator briefly mentions Miami-Dade County Public Schools in his list of government IT project launch failures.  In reality, M-DCPS did have trouble at the beginning of its overhaul of its financial system in 2008, but they recovered by firing the consulting firm that was initially hired to do the implementation, hired their own contractors, and brought the project in on time and under budget.  (Full disclosure: I worked on it.)

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  1. I recently completed the Medicare A and B application in less than five minutes. The private supplemental insurance application had to be completed over the phone (due to a website glitch) and took over 40 minutes. I received my Medicare ID card in less than three days while the private supplemental insurance ID card has yet to arrive. So much for the market-based private insurance utopia I keep hearing about on the teevee.

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