Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dropping Like Flies

A bunch of congress critters have decided not to run for re-election next year.  Either they’re so disgusted with the place and the radicalization of the politics or they’ve got enough in their retirement plan that they can lobby part-time and they’re outta there.

The latest drop list includes Rep. Jim Matheson, the only Democrat in the Utah delegation, Frank Wolf (R-VA), and Tom Latham (R-IA).

I’m guessing that Mr. Matheson’s seat will go to a Republican.  In the last election he won by a squeaker against Mia Love.  If she wins, she will be the first black woman from the GOP in Congress.

I have actually met Mr. Latham.  One of my former campers (he used to comment here under the handle of “Luke”) was his chief of staff and when I went to D.C. for a weekend with him and his wife, I met Mr. Latham.  He is described as a moderate Republican, and indeed one of the last of the breed on the Hill, comparatively speaking.  (Remember that the Iowa delegation includes Steve King, who along with Louis Gohmert of Texas and Michele Bachmann of Minnesota make up the Three WTF’s of the House.)  He was seen as a contender for the Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Tom Harkin, but decided to forgo the race.  (Maybe he was afraid the Tea Party would go after him for shaking hands with a gay guy back in 2003.)

He joins the growing list of 19 members so far who aren’t running, although half of them are trying for the Senate, with most of them, it seems, running for the open seat in Georgia.  And of course there’s Michele Bachmann, who decided to drop out because God told her it was time to call it quits and do something less annoying to the universe.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

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  1. Bachmann is part of the Minnesota delegation, not Iowa, and she’s dropping out because she narrowly won last time and can see the writing on the wall (or the bedroom where her attention seems to focus). She’s made herself too famous for being infamous and a threat to the survival goals of the GOP. Her district is middle- to upper-middle class north of Minneapolis. It may also be that they are sick of being tarred with the outrageous brush and are eager to see her backside as she closes the door.

    • I don’t think the sentence was clear, but I wasn’t including Ms. Bachmann in the Iowa delegation but as one of the troika of nutsery with Gohmert and King. I will edit accordingly.

    • FWIK of her district, there are enough equivalently crazy ones there to justify sending her to Congress – though not enough to say she actually REPRESENTS them.

      I for one am wondering whether, after her frighteningly funny (or do I mean hilariously scary) run for pResident, Ladybird became too much of a handicap for her, and she’s bowing out to shove him back in the closet out of sight.

  2. Also, the lady with the far away eyes is under investigation for election financial chicanery. Might be another reason for deciding not to run again.

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