Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mandela Memorial

Morin Mandela 12-10-13
Jim Morin, Miami Herald.

MSNBC started carrying the memorial service — more like a celebration — of Nelson Mandela at 4:00 a.m. ET. using the feed from South Africa Broadcasting.  Over 100 world leaders and 90,000 people gathered in the rain at the FNB Stadium in Soweto.  It’s a fitting place for the service since that was the focal point of so many struggles against apartheid.

Among the names in the VIP shelter, there was a wide selection, including President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, French President Francois Hollande, all alongside the likes of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Raul Castro.  So in one way, Mr. Mandela was a great uniter, even if it makes for some interesting seating arrangements.

I’m wondering how long it will be before we see some wingnut tweet “If Nelson Mandela was so great, how come Ronald Reagan didn’t go to his funeral? Huh?”

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  1. The picture made my eyes leak a bit.

    Grist for the RW mill: Obama and Castro shook hands! See?! That just proves…something or other.

  2. Wait till you suffer the downpour (pun intended) of snark after they’ve glimpsed the snip of Obama shaking the hand of – wait for the drumroll – RAUL CASTRO! See? We said Obama’s a socialist and now it appears he’s really a communist.

  3. George W. better not make any stops on the way home. There are arrest warrants out for him in a lot of places.

    • Not only no stops, but some very careful selection of airspace to fly through as well. Wouldn’t do to be escorted to the nearest [insert warrant issuing nation’s] airbase en route.

    • Oh that would have been sweet if Obama had invited GWBush to ride with him on Air Force One and “neglected” to tell him about the stop at The Hague on the way back… Ooops! Sorry W. My bad!

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