Monday, December 16, 2013

Not Leaving Himself Much Room

Some state senator in North Carolina put out this little tweet yesterday:

Rucho Tweet 12-16-13

Because killing over 6 million people and laying waste to most of Europe, not to mention everything else that happened in the 20th century and beyond, doesn’t hold a candle to getting healthcare to millions of people who either couldn’t afford it or qualify for it because of pre-existing conditions.  Yeah, that’s right.

The problem with this kind of overwrought statement is that it doesn’t leave Mr. Rucho any room for growth the next time he wants to compare something evil to something.  He’s already gone to the worst things that have happened in living memory, so now where does he go?  The Spanish Inquisition?  The Black Plague?  Those were minor inconveniences compared to shopping on-line for insurance.  He’s hit the limit: he went from zero to Godwin’s Law in nothing flat.

His point — and he says he has one — is that the law and the Supreme Court’s endorsement of it were worse than wars and dictatorships.  That’s a funny point for someone in the state legislature to make; why doesn’t he get out of the business and go back to whatever it was he did before he got elected?