Thursday, December 19, 2013


One of the stars of a show on A&E called Duck Dynasty launched into a homophobic Jesus-laced rant in an interview with GQ.  The network has suspended him “indefinitely” from the show.

Cue up the rants about the violations of the First Amendment and Freedom! and count down the minutes until Fox News gives him a regular gig.

For those who were too hormone-addled to pay attention in Grade 10 Civics, the First Amendment protects the rights of freedom of speech and the press from acts of Congress.  It provides no such protection from the actions of a once-noble cable channel that has crumbled to the level of giving air time to these people; nor does it protect someone who looks like a reject at the auditions for a ZZ Top tribute band from the slings and arrows of an outraged public whenever he opens his tater-trap.

One bark on “Quackup

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