Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today In Non-Sequiturs

Sarah Palin responds to Martin Bashir resigning from MSNBC:

…I just hope that unprovoked attacks like that don’t result in people being hesitant to jump in the arena anyway, to get out there and serve the public or start a business or really commit themselves to changing within their family, their community, their world, doing whatever that they can, despite the fact that in this world, you are gonna be hurt and attacks will come your way. I just hope an attack like that doesn’t make people hesitate.

In other words, a snake is like a bicycle because a vest has no sleeves.

3 barks and woofs on “Today In Non-Sequiturs

  1. I doubt seriously that anything Martin Bashir said about Sarah Palin hurt her in any way. It gives her “victimhood” a place to hang its hat for a while. For such a loser, she certainly has some power.

  2. I’m not going to comment on anything Sarah Palin said because I seriously don’t give a shit. I do wish commentators like Bashir or Alec Baldwin would be avoid this kind of ugliness–it just gives the other side more fuel for their fire.

    • Alex Baldwin has been kicked off his program and now Bashir is gone. You’re right…. there’s no point pissing in a contest with a skunk and honestly, I don’t understand why the woman still makes news.

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