Thursday, January 16, 2014

And You Call Yourself a Theatre Person

The Oscar nominations are out, and once again I’ve batted 1,000: I have not seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture.

I think there was one year not too long ago that I didn’t even go to the movies in that calendar year.

It’s not that I have anything against the current crop of films; most of them look interesting and I’m sure that they are worth seeing.  But when I take into account the time and effort it takes to go to the local cineplex, find a parking place, get settled in, sit through endless previews of movies I wouldn’t watch if they were free, pay $5 for a box of popcorn that tastes like artificially buttered styrofoam, and then finally watch the movie, I’d rather wait until it’s on HBO.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m single and don’t have anyone to go with.  After all, going to the movies alone is a social stigma, and most people who go alone usually aren’t going to see movies like Saving Private Ryan; they’re going to see Shaving Ryan’s Privates and end up sitting in front of a guy in a trench coat (who hopefully isn’t as good a shot as the guy in Tampa).

So best wishes to the nominees.  See you in a year when it shows up in rotation on channel 301.

One bark on “And You Call Yourself a Theatre Person

  1. I hadn’t been to a theater in probably seven or eight years, but on New Years day I went with some friends to see “American Hustle”, and it was excellent! Despite the theater being packed…as in not a single seat available…it was a pretty quiet crowd. No obnoxious cell phone talkers, no screaming babies. But as you said…I’d much rather watch it while parked on my sofa, dog half in my lap.

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