Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Everywhere?

While the Midwest and Plains get the coldest temperatures on record, it’s even going to reach as far south as Miami.

Miami Weather 01-06-14

Oh, yeah, while I can hear the folks up north pulling out the tiny violins for us putting on our woolies for a low of 48F down here, it’s a reminder that we get cold snaps, too, and sometimes they can do real damage to the citrus crops in the northern part of the state.  Remember that when you’re paying $7 for a carton of orange juice.

So while the climate change deniers chortle about the hoax of global warming, there is another part of the world that is going through a heat wave.

A heatwave that has enveloped much of Australia for the past couple weeks is reaching a breaking point, but not after first smashing temperature records.

On Thursday, parts of inland Australia reached temperatures around 50 degrees Celsius, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit, before a shifting air mass is forecast to bring weekend temperatures back to averages in the mid-30s. There were reports of temperatures as high as 54 degrees Celsius, 129 degrees Fahrenheit, in the outback on Thursday.

With this unusual heat, Australia begins 2014 in the same way it ended 2013 — hot, dry, and politically uninspired to do anything about it. Australia spent much of 2013 on track to set a new record for hottest year ever. According to The Guardian, the Bureau of Meteorology “is expected to announce on Friday that 2013 had been Australia’s warmest year, with average temperatures trending about 1C above the long-term average.”

Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino told The Sydney Morning Herald that “for some places, particularly western Queensland, it’ll be the most intense heatwave for some parts of the state in more than 50 years.”

But Al Gore is fat, so there.

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  1. -4 here in southern Ohio, no big deal compared to St. Louis and Indianapolis I guess. Himself remembers it was -32 in Minneapolis once back in the 1930’s, then a record.

    Climate change deniers have to find an explanation for the decade long drought in the watershed of the Colorado River. Phoenix will resemble Doha unless they can find a way to live waterless by 2020 or build a desalinization plant in the Caribbean and pipe the water uphill to Scottsdale’s golf courses.

  2. What the climate change deniers don’t understand is that global warming means extremes in storms, temperatures, and weather patterns. Just what we’re seeing now.

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