Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cool Breeze

I rode up in the elevator this morning with three other people bundled up with scarves, gloves, and hats… and the outside temperature was 50 F.  But this is Miami, so it’s all relative.

12 Beach and Ocean

Trust me, I’m not feeling any schadenfreude over those folks under the thrall of the polar vortex.  I spent enough time — a total of 45 years — living in places where winter cold was not a joke.  I also understand why some people like it, as opposed to the permanent summer we have here in South Florida.  But I distinctly remember the first time I experienced a Florida winter.  I was 13 and visiting a friend who had moved to Florida from Perrysburg.  It was in March 1966 and I went from the cold and grey of Ohio to the lush sunshine and heady scent of tropical blooms in a day.  I was hooked, and four years later, when I went to visit the University of Miami at the same time of year and walked across the campus in the bright sunshine (and saw good-looking men strolling around in cut-offs and tank tops),  I knew I would end up in the tropics.

It took a while — almost thirty years and residing in Michigan, Minnesota, and Colorado — before the move was permanent, but I really like it here, and not just for the weather.  Summers are oppressive with dense humidity, there are no mountains, and tropical cyclones are as scary as ever, but just as my friends and family in the north have adapted to their climate, I’ve adapted to mine.  And six months from now, when the A/C is running full-time, the humidity is like a wet sauna towel, and the palmetto bugs are camped out in the garage and plotting their takeover, the folks up north will be enjoying the cool breezes of a Michigan blue sparkling day on the beach and wondering why I’m here.

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  1. I too got out of Ohio’s depressing winters. I now live in the subtropics and love it. It has been especially harsh here for six weeks and I am bundled up as I type this; make no mistake this is home and I was just outside and I saw no frost, so , we escaped winter’s wrath again. btw it was 39.

  2. Well, the thermometer is reading minus 23 right now, but strangely, I love living in the upper Midwest and wouldn’t leave here.

  3. Yup, it’s all relative. Many years ago, I was visiting a friend in Dallas. It was winter and the temp was in the 50/60 range. Everyone had jackets on…except me. Someone asked if I wasn’t cold. I said, “No, I’m from MN.” They understood immediately (and thought I was nuts!).

  4. It was about 40 degrees this morning here in Seattle. I’ll easily take the occasional earthquake or volcanic eruption for the mild climate.

  5. I was -12 here this morning! Everything is frozen. However, I live in Ohio, so Saturday it is supposed to be 40 and rain. It’s crazy.

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