Friday, January 31, 2014

Food Glorious Food

This sounds like a scene out of Oliver Twist.

Up to 40 kids at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City picked up their lunches Tuesday, then watched as the meals were taken and thrown away because of outstanding balances on their accounts — a move that shocked and angered parents.

“It was pretty traumatic and humiliating,” said Erica Lukes, whose 11-year-old daughter had her cafeteria lunch taken from her as she stood in line Tuesday at Uintah Elementary School, 1571 E. 1300 South.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

I cannot imagine the shame and humiliation — not to mention the discomfort of not getting fed — those kids are going through.  It’s not their fault; these kids are in elementary school; they don’t control the money in their account, and even if they did, what kind of a heartless bastard would take it away once they’ve been served?

Note that this happened in Utah, the state that is the bastion of traditional family values and all that syrupy crap that is supposed to represent the best of the American dream.  So punishing kids for their parents’ mistakes must be one of those noble goals.

3 barks and woofs on “Food Glorious Food

  1. These kids and their families have enough problems as it is. Why add to them? There’s a Jewish proverb that applies here: Never put a stumbling block in front of a blind man. Basic rule of humaneness: Help people, don’t make things worse.

  2. I’m not sure that all of those kids were “poor.” I’m not even sure that running around the cafeteria and snatching away the lunch trays of the little debtors is school policy. Having said that, the person who issued the instruction and/or the person who took it upon him or herself to take the lunches away from the kids should be fired. (I think this happened at just one school – not district or statewide but I could be mistaken.)

    Stuff happens and it’s not unusual for parents to forget or neglect to stay up to date with lunch fees. Why, kids have been known to take cash money and NOT proffer it for their lunch bill! The usual drill is for the school to MAIL a note to the parents detailing how much is arrears to the lunch bill is. At end of year, the kid doesn’t get a report card until the lunch bill and overdue library fees are paid in full – the warning of this consequence is made known in writing to the PARENTS before the end of the school year.

    The Utah incident sounds like that out of control, irrational, punishing mindset we see so often.

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