Thursday, January 30, 2014

Games People Play

This Sunday I will keep my record intact and not watch the Super Bowl for the tenth year in a row.  It’s not that I have anything against either the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks, but I have a tough time getting all excited about something that is so overhyped that the game itself becomes nearly an afterthought.

The same goes for the Olympics.  Setting aside the homophobia and genuine concern about safety in Sochi, it’s so hard to actually see anything resembling a sporting competition at the games without it having been tweaked and peaked to a level that would make a drag queen blush.  The only thing I’ll watch will be the opening ceremony, and that’s because some good friends are hosting their Olympic feast.  They do this every two years with dishes from the host country.  I’m expecting to be treated to some delicious borscht and blini.

Am I the only one who’s being a grumble-bunny about these two monumental paeans to the meth-like combination of sports and consumerism?

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  1. I am looking forward to the half-time show. Bruno is just a great performer. Russ hates football, so I will hear a lot of sighing until half-time. btw I went to the Olympic games in Lake Placid in 1980 an experience you can’t take away from me. It was sooo cold and piles of snow everywhere. The FBI came into a shop across from the high school and told the guy not to take any $20 bills because the ink was still wet on the paper; this guy asked how he knew and he flashed me his badge, just like in the movies. And, I have been to at least 4 World Series games, the last one in 1991. The Reds beat the Yankees. It’s a lot of fun is what I am trying to say. The memories are awesome.

  2. I used to watch the Olympics. Loved the figure skating and skiing. But it’s been years since I’ve seen the Games. Football? Are you kidding?

    Grumble-bunny??! Love it! May I steal it?

  3. I will watch every minute of the Super Bowl, not only because our Seahawks are in it, but also because it’s fun spectacle. I will also watch hours of the Olympics because I love the quadrennial chance to see sports we rarely see. I love curling, many of the alpine events, the figure skating, the speed skating, etc.

    In short, I’m your opposite, grumble bunny…

  4. I’ll not turn on the tube ’til the kick-off
    of the Ricky Williams Bowl.

    As for the Winter Games I can’t hardly wait to see
    10 to 12 hours of ice and snow volley ball. Gonna see
    a lot of nipples!

  5. How can a mother of three boys and a sports-crazy husband not watch the Super Bowl? Didn’t know one of them was a grumble-bunny, though. He must have kept it a secret from the rest of us. Sure, I’ll watch it but I may be busy somewhere else (the kitchen?) during half-time. I’ve gotten too old to enjoy that particular show. This time my dog in the fight is the Seahawks . . . so much so that I’ve bought and am flying a Third Man Flag from a pole beside our front door. A first for us.

    And I adore the winter Olympics. Much more than the summer games. Hockey, Alpine skiing, curling, ski jumping, and the great new scary snow boarding acrobatics – all terrific.

  6. You are not alone. I almost never watch football…I erred and did watch the game that got the local Seahawks INTO the Superbowl, and that alone was disheartening enough with fan behavior and bad ref calls! I certainly won’t watch the Superbowl.

    As a child, I loved seeing the Olympics…this was back when it was days of long coverage showing athletes from all over the world. Now that it is 3 minutes of Canada, US, Russia, Germany, or Britain and 3 minutes of ads? Never mind!

    • That “bad behavior” is part of what got them into the Super Bowl. It’s been attributed to be the cause of more offensive off-sides penalties than were charged against visitors to other stadiums with the exception of those in in Denver. The coach called the fan noise the Twelfth Man. That’s why I fly the flag. Problem is the Super Bowl game will be played in neutral territory and so there won’t be the same volume. Many of the seats will be empty in New Jersey and quiet will ensue.

  7. I love football but hate the hype. I always turn on the game at kickoff time, never watch the halftime show, and turn it off as soon as the game is over. I also watch it alone, since my wife is not a fan and the kids are grown and gone. That’s the best way for me.

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