Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good Luck With That

Speaking of the flat earth (see above), Robert Knight, a columnist at the right-wing Washington Times, has a foolproof plan for the GOP to win elections: campaign on Creationism.

Citing a Pew poll which shows that belief in evolution has plummeted in the GOP and is now shared by only a minority of Republicans, Knight told the American Family Association’s One News Now that “Republicans have a great opportunity” to expose the “lies that liberals have told over the years” and begin “questioning evolution more than ever.”

He also warns that a belief in evolution “leads to terrible things like socialism and communism and fascism and Nazism and the more extreme forms of liberalism in this country.”

Go for it!

3 barks and woofs on “Good Luck With That

  1. Whereas adhering to Gawd-Given Truths about the world (as Knight proposes) lead to witch-burning, Inquisition, stoning of adulteresses, Crusades, plague, and the more extreme forms of religious, ethnic and social oppression.


  2. Seems Nye The Science Guy is going to have a debate (get your tickets!) with the head of the creation theme park in Kentucky. Please do some in depth reporting on this seminal event. It’s got to be a hoot.

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