Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nice Memo

Via TPM:

A memo from House leadership to the Republican caucus coaches members on how to speak about unemployment in a compassionate manner, according to the Washington Post.

The memo tells representatives that unemployment is a “personal crisis” and asks them to give “proper consideration” to an extension of long-term unemployment benefits.

If you need a memo on how to reach out to your fellow man or woman, I’d say you have a bigger problem than just being a greedy self-serving uncaring bastard.

2 barks and woofs on “Nice Memo

  1. Neuropsychological research has shown that conservative cannot feel much empathy due to brain structure. They literally don’t have enough connective nerve fibers. It also means lower intelligence. So, bottom line, they can’t be taught, ordered, or coerced into feeling empathy.

  2. unemployment is a “personal crisis”

    Of course it’s personal. It’s your own personal fault you’re unemployed, and that’s a crisis. It’s not like your Galtian Overlords forgot in their joy at their rising portfolios to actually play Job Creators and – y’know, create jobs for you or anything.


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