Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Question of the Day

I think this is a re-run, but it’s been a while.

When was the last time you used a typewriter?

We have one in the office for envelopes and some forms, but it has to be at least 10 years since I used it.

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  1. Years. We saw “Inside Llewyn Davis” yesterday and the one being used by his agent’s secretary took me back. Bell and all . . . .

  2. A what?

    Seriously: not since my undergrad years. The key difference between then and now is that back then I was still physically handing in my assignments and papers as printout, and now it’s by email as a PDF.

  3. The last time I used a typewriter was for writing a paper in High School in the 70’s. The first I saw a word processing program in use was about 1983 or 84.

  4. I think I’ve used a typewriter a couple times in the last 5 years at work.

    I never typed a paper for school until my senior year in high school, as opposed to today’s kids who use keyboards all the time.

  5. Long ago, 40 plus years. I never was a great touch typist; the lowest grades I ever got in high school was in typing.

  6. About three years ago, to prepare the multi-page W-2 forms for our five employees. Since then, I have used an inexpensive service provider ($25 per year) to electronically file for me.

    My sixteen year old daughter uses it now for creative writing projects. She loves the feel and sound . . .

    • I wish I’d kept my Royal. When this question came up it gave me a wave of nostalgia. I’ll bet it would be as valuable as the Pontiac station wagon our host takes such loving care of.

  7. About ten years ago, I used a portable one mom had. Think it went to Goodwill when she passed. I barely use my printer anymore – everything is email or attachments to email. Only time I seem to print anything is when I have to present a coupon for a discount, or to print my car insurance and registration certificates.

  8. I probably have used one without remembering, but my last firm memory is of typing a paper for Language Arts class in 8th grade. My folks’ Smith Corona, 1982.

    After that I got an Olivetti inkjet printer for my Apple ][+ and never looked back…

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