Monday, January 27, 2014

Question of the Day

Via Julie:

Being a good citizen means recycling, energy conservation, and environmental protection.  Are you doing a good job and can you improve on it?

I do what I can: I recycle carefully (meaning I don’t toss just anything in the recycle bin); I’ve replaced all the light bulbs with CFL’s and know how to dispose of the used ones properly; I have a programmable thermostat that keeps the A/C usage to a minimum, and I finally got the oil leaks in the Pontiac fixed.

At the office the main printer is set to print on both sides of the paper and we are trying to reduce the amount of paper by going to electronic document storage.  All of our computers now have flat screens, and they automatically shut down overnight if they’re left on.

Yes, I think we can improve on all of it.

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  1. Recycle. Drive a reasonably-fuel-efficient car, and take transit everywhere I can including the daily commute. Light bulbs replaced – with LEDs (lower consumption, better spectrum and longer lasting than CFLs). Working on the thermostat. All the office stuff is electronic, and PDFs are the order of the day.

    So not bad, and working on better.

  2. Being pennywise and pound foolish I replace my light bulbs with CFL’s and now that LED’s are more available I will use them. I just can’t see throwing out perfectly good bulbs. I have programmable thermostats and I don’t believe in keeping my South Florida home that cool. I recycle regularly. I also have a solar water heater that was installed in 1987 – way ahead of the times. I drive a reasonable efficient car and try to combine my trips to save gas. I also let off the gas when I see the light turn red and coast up to the light. Strange that seems to irritate the drivers behind me here in Miami. There is always room for improvement.

  3. Recycle, huh, they are just now starting here in Brownsville and only for 1200 houses. How’s that for being good stewards. I have replaced all the bulbs but one in the hallway (I cannot get the globe on with the cf bulb). I had a programmable thermostat, those things are and expensive joke; I replaced it two yrs. ago with a regular one. I couldn’t keep the programmable one running. Those programmable ones aren’t reliable. Russ and I took a load to the scrap yard about 3 months ago; an old washer and bed springs and we split $34.00. So, we try.

  4. Every 2 months, my utility company sends out a letter showing my energy efficiency rank. I’m always in the top category. The one area I could improve on is water usage. Got the shower time down to 2 minutes (4 if I wash my hair), but I tend to let the water run while toothbrushing. And the cats like to drink from the bathroom sink faucet but I often forget to turn it off. Also wish I could turn off the computer at night but the guy who rebuilt it said, quite firmly, absolutely not. My carbon footprint is small. No car, recycle, buy energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, etc.

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